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Wrong Way, Go Back – Alli Kincaid

Posted on February 16th, 2009 by in Fiction

From the author of The Inner Gentlemen comes Alli Kincaid’s latest novel – Wrong Way, Go Back.

Wrong Way, Go Back by Alli Kincaid. ISBN 9781863255912

I am a failure.

Yeah, sure, I hear you say. What’s the problem? Broken up with your boyfriend? Eaten a few too many tubs of quadruple fudgey double double chocolate-chunk your jeans won’t fit in the morning ripple? And now you’ve developed a lovely big zit on your chin. Well poor squiddly diddums.

Yep, I’m sure you think you’ve read it all before. But believe me, it’s true. I am a complete and utter failure. A loser. Literally.

You see, in the past six months, I have lost everything. My company, my husband and, only a few minutes ago, my lover. Frankly, there’s nowhere else to go from here – this is rock bottom.

The funny thing is how fast it’s all happened. I can’t remember the point where things turned around and started to go bad. It was like everything was perfect and then, suddenly, I was left with nothing. On New Year’s Day, you could have said I had a snow dome of a life. A life that was shaken constantly by some divine hand – glittering and sparkly. I had my own multi-million dollar pyjama empire that I built from scratch. I had journalists queuing up to interview me. I had a husband who loved me and I loved him back. I was happy. And then some clumsy oaf dropped the snow dome.

The stupid thing is that clumsy oaf was me, Dicey Dye (we’ll get to that later, believe me, it’s not my real name).

Dicey has taken the wrong turn in her life and when it all collapses in a screaming heap she is forced to reassess what she really wants and who she wants to share it with. Enjoy this hilarious journey with her as she struggles to get her life back together with the help of her sister, her best friend and an Irish Wolfhound named Fergus.

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