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Why Can’t I Look the Way I Want?: Overcoming Eating Issues – Melinda Hutchings

Posted on July 12th, 2009 by in Health, Non-Fiction, Teen

Why Can’t I Look the Way I Want?: Overcoming Eating Issues by Melinda Hutchings helps you to understand the dynamics of eating disorders from onset through to the recovery process.

A survivor of anorexia nervosa presents a detailed and honest account of the pain, the struggle and the process of living with an eating disorder, and reveals how recovery is possible. An essential survival manual for victims.

Eating disorders are on the rise, something which disturbs former sufferer Melinda Hutchings. She has drawn on her own experience and that of fellow sufferers to not only tell what having an eating disorder is really like but also to show that it is possible to break its deadly grip, recover and live a healthy and satisfying life.

Why Can't I Look the Way I Want?: Overcoming Eating Issues by Melinda Hutchings, ISBN 9781741757545

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Written for teens and their families, Why Can’t I Look the Way I Want? is packed full of information and case studies which tackle everything from dieting and anxieties around food to physical and emotional rehabilitation and re-establishing relationships. In amongst expert advice, helpful checklists, and dozens of practical tips, this funky book profiles past sufferers who have battled anorexia, bulimia and exercise bulimia, as well as the growing male eating disorder, bigorexia.

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