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The Voyage of the Unquiet Ice: The Ship Kings 2 by Andrew McGahan

Posted on November 19th, 2012 by in Award Winner, Fiction

The Voyage of the Unquiet Ice: The Ship Kings 2 by award winning writer Andrew McGahan is an an adventure set upon the seas of a strange and compelling world.

A vast figure loomed above the ice walls. It was made, no doubt, only of cloud or whirling snow, but it was an immense manlike thing, cast hugely against the sky. Its head stared down at them blindly, but one great arm seemed to beckon, urging the Chloe onwards. And from the depths of the gulf ahead the terrible whistling rose again.

Dow Amber has set sail at last upon the battleship Chloe, but can an outsider and an enemy ever truly belong in the Ship Kings’ world? All too soon, Dow finds himself entangled in rebellion and treachery, and embarked upon a desperate voyage to the frozen north that will decide the future of the very empire. In the icy wastes Dow must take his fate in hand. Is he truly destined to be a mariner? Is the mysterious scapegoat girl Ignella a friend or a foe? And where will they each stand, when the long peace of the Four Isles threatens to shatter forever? The Voyage of the Unquiet Ice is the second adventure in Andrew McGahan’s epic Ship Kings series.


From award-winning author Andrew McGahan. The Australian/Vogel Literary Award for Praise, Miles Franklin Literary Award, The Commonwealth Writers? Prize, The Age Book of the Year and the Courier Mail Book of the Year award for The White Earth  Shortlisted for the 2012 Indie Book of the Year, Older Readers category, the 2012 Aurealis Award for Best Children’s Fantasy novel and the 2012 CBCA Book of the Year award for Older Readers for The Coming of the Whirlpool

About the Author

Andrew McGahan is one of Australia’s finest writers of fiction. His first novel, Praise, won The Australian/Vogel Literary Award in 1992. In 2004, The White Earth won the Miles Franklin Literary Award, the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, The Age Book of the Year, and The Courier Mail Book of the Year Award. His most recent novel is Wonders of a Godless World. In 2009, Andrew was shortlisted for the Manning Clark House National Cultural Awards for his contribution to Australian Literature. The Coming of the Whirlpool was his first novel for young adults. Andrew lives in Victoria.

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