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The Sky Is Not The Limit The Life of Australia’s Top Gun By Matt Hall and David Lyall

Posted on February 18th, 2013 by in Adventure, Celebrity, Non-Fiction, Popular, Technology, Travel

The Sky Is Not The Limit The Life of Australia’s Top Gun By Matt Hall and David Lyallis all about not accepting limits or boundaries to achieve success in life.

“I would sit there at the controls and think: I′m going to go left, and I can. I want to go right, and I will. I don′t have to follow the road. I don′t have to follow rules. I don′t have to ask anyone – I can go left when I want, I can go right when I want. I had discovered the freedom that has kept me flying to this day.”

Since he was old enough to notice planes, Matt Hall wanted to be a pilot. Flying with his Dad in a glider, making models at home and meeting officers from the Air Force fuelled his ambition. So when he was accepted into the RAAF′s grueling training school it seemed a dream come true. But dreams take hard work and focus – and the willingness to make your own luck.

From the rigours of his first professional job as a Top Gun fighter in the Battle of Baghdad where he experienced extreme fear and loss for the first time, to his post Air Force career as a professional racer where he has survived near fatal situations to become one of the most renowned pilots in the world, Matt Hall has led an extraordinary life.

His story is a rare glimpse into a normally closed world where skill, quick thinking and a cool head can mean the difference between life and death. – Requesting prices

About the Author

Matt Hall is a highly decorated and skilled pilot with over 1500 Hornet hours, 500 hours in the F-15E Strike Eagle (including combat), over 700 hours in light aircraft and over 500 hours doing aerobatics.

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