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Still Livin by Gil Alicea and Barbara J. Zitwer

Posted on March 10th, 2013 by in Memoir

Still Livin’ by Gil Alicea and Barbara J Zitwer is the true story of how one couple defied all odds and found the gift of life so they could actively help others

This is a brutally honest memoir about two people born into separate worlds who met and fell in love. Their journey over the next 25 years will astound you, from the glamorous social world of New York City to a prison known as The House of Pain. It is all about how self reliance, perseverance and hope can win out against all the odds, as Barbara endeavours to work with the love of her life Gil to bring him through many crisis in his life, including a liver transplant. Having surmounted all the odds and survived to fight on today Gil works to help others experiencing homelessness and despair to get help and social services while Barbara, a successful international literary agent, film and TV producer, is expanding her career as a writer.

Barbara has pledged half the proceeds from the sale of her book to the liver transplant program at The University of Kansas Hospital to help others needing a transplant. – Requesting prices

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