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Rebuilding Coventry by Sue Townsend

Posted on January 6th, 2013 by in Fiction

 Rebuilding Coventry by Sue Townsend is a satire of eighties Britain and concerns a woman – Coventry Dakin – who goes on the run after accidentally killing her neighbour and ends up in London living on the streets.

‘There are two things that you should know about me immediately: the first is that I am beautiful, the second is that yesterday I killed a man. Both things were accidents . . .’

When Midlands housewife Coventry Dakin kills her neighbour in a wild bid to prevent him from strangling his wife, she goes on the run. Finding herself alone and friendless in London she tries to lose herself in the city’s maze of streets.

There, she meets a bewildering cast of eccentric characters. From Professor Willoughby D’Eresby and his perpetually naked wife Letitia to Dodo, a care-in the-community inhabitant of Cardboard City, all of whom contrive to change Coventry in ways she could never have foreseen . . .

Rebuilding Coventry is a brilliant, laugh-out-loud satire on modern Britain and the unfinished battle of the sexes.

‘Splendidly witty . . . the social observations sharp and imaginative.’ Sunday Express – Requesting prices

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