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Effective Negotiation: From Research to Results – Ray Fells

Posted on February 6th, 2010 by in Advice, Business, Motivational

Influential interaction between protagonists in a negotiation is the key to gaining a successful resolution. Professor Ray Fells has worked as an adviser and conciliator assisting managements and unions deal with issues and resolving disputes so he is well equipped to provide us into the knowledge and skills to succeed in Effective Negotiation from Research to Results

Essential reading for students and professionals in the fields of business, law and management, Effective Negotiation offers a realistic and practical understanding of negotiation and the skills required in order to reach an agreement. In this book Ray Fells draws on his extensive experience as a teacher and researcher to examine key issues such as trust, power and information exchange, ethics and strategy.

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Recognising the complexity of the negotiation process, he gives advice on how to improve as a negotiator by turning the research on negotiation into practical recommendations. It covers:

  • How to negotiate strategically
  • Negotiating on behalf of others
  • Cultural differences in negotiation

The principles and skills outlined here focus on the business context but also apply to interpersonal and sales-based negotiations, and when resolving legal, environmental and social issues. Effective Negotiation also features a companion website with lecturer resources.

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