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Dying: A Memoir – Donald & Myfanwy Horne

Posted on March 6th, 2009 by in Biography, Non-Fiction

Far from being morbid, Dying: A Memoir is a book that sings with life.

Dying: A Memoir by Donald & Myfanwy Horne. ISBN 9780143007784

This unique book is the last work of one of Australia’s most respected and influential thinkers. On learning that his illness was terminal, Donald Horne began dictating his experiences of dying, and his resulting journal is full of courage, honesty, insight and humour. Ever the intellectual, he also recorded his last thoughts on some of the big human questions; faith and regret, the uses of art, the rewards of the engaged mind. And on contemporary dilemmas such as the Iraq War, anti-Americanism and the meaning of democracy. These essays have been refined by his wife and long-time editor, Myfanwy, who has also written her own inspirational account of Donald’s final weeks.

Far from being morbid, Dying is a book that sings with life. Donald Horne’s memories of his well-lived years sit alongside his unflinching view of their end, and the whole is uplifted by his willingness to laugh at human foibles, his own included.

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