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All Good Things by Sarah Turnbull

Posted on July 8th, 2013 by in Memoir

All Good Things by Sarah Turnbull is the 2nd phase of a memoir, following her life’s journey from disappointment to deliverance in the shape of a longed for son

For many people, finding the love of your life and moving to Paris would come pretty close to having it all.

Having shared her story in the bestselling Almost French, Sarah Turnbull seemed to have had more than her fair share of dreams come true. But there was still one dream she was beginning to fear might be impossible.

Then out of the blue an opportunity to embark on another adventure offers a new beginning – and new hope.

Leaving Paris behind was never going to be easy. But it helps when your destination is known as paradise on earth, Tahiti…

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About the Author

Sarah Turnbull is the author of the international bestseller Almost French. Formerly a television journalist with SBS in Sydney, she began working as a freelance writer following her move to Paris in 1994. After nearly a decade in France, Sarah spent several years on an island near Tahiti. She now lives in Sydney – Requesting prices

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